The false wrestler in Azerbaijan life Tales

Ph.D., Associate Professor Oruj Aliyev
Institute of Folklore ANAS
e-mail: [email protected]

        The tales take an important place among the genres of Azerbaijan folklore. These rich folk examples give the rich material in order to study the original views, beliefs, traditions. One can divide the tales into three groups: the magical tales, tales about animals, life tales.
The life tales have their own circumference, characters, the specific artistic methods. In life tales the events happen in “a village”, “in a palace”, “in the field”, “near a city”. Of course, as there are different points among the life tales and other tale kinds, there are also alike points in them.
In the article the characteristic features of the false wrester in the life tales are investigated. It is also noted that this character with the concrete examples is differed from the character of the false wrestler in the magical tales.          
As it is known the hero of the magical tales is as the performer of the folk ideal. The false hero – wrestler is against to him, he represents the evil. But in the life tales where the false wrestler is described there is almost no any confrontation. In such tales the false wrestler represents the good, he always creates the happy mood.   
Key words: magic, the wonderful birth, the dragon, the giant, Phoenix, the false wrestler, the dark well, dervish (a wandering ascetic), the winged horse and etc.

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