US geopolitical imperatives for the Baltic region

US geopolitical imperatives for the Baltic region
Sabina Garashova
Classical Bulletin, Issue 1, 2019; p.197


The scientific article discusses the geopolitical interests of the United States in the Baltic region. First of all, it is noted that the Baltic states are distinguished by their complex geopolitical character. The region in which the Baltic republics are located has become a proving ground for a dangerous confrontation between the USSR and the USA. After gaining independence, the Baltic republics headed towards the European Union. These republics were able to achieve more effective integration with European structures. First of all, two important facts testify to this. Since the Baltic republics in a short time were admitted to the membership of the European Union and NATO. This also shows that Western structures attached great importance to this region. Especially the USA had clear geopolitical imperatives in the region. Accordingly, all-round contacts were established in different directions.


region, US, Russia, antagonism, European Union, NATO, integration.