The Language as the spiritual culture in the Modern Society

By Balwin, Barry


Church tradition interprets the term "spiritual" in contrast material, the solid "is all that is peculiar to or substantially similar to like ethereal spirit, and is under the influence or action Spirit ". Dictionary of Russian language Shvedova N. gives the following definition: State of spiritual and cultural life of modern humanity is increasingly growing sense of anxiety over his future. Thinking about educating the younger generation, we often use such terms as "spirituality" and "culture", which is unthinkable without the other, and are considered in the integrity and unity, even though many people think that spirituality - this is the culture. The term "spirituality" has been applied recently. There are many interpretations of the concept of values. Dictionary "Psychology" treats "spirituality" with a materialistic point of view: "It is an expression of the motivation of the individual needs of the perfect in knowledge and social need" to act for others".  "Spirituality - a property of the soul, which consists in the predominance of the spiritual, moral, and intellectual interests of the material", that is, determines the "spirituality" as a moral message. Philosophical Dictionary gives the interpretation of the term is: "Removal from the low-lying, rough sense of interest, the pursuit of inner perfection, the height of the spirit." These examples show that spirituality - the concept of multi-faceted and very important for the social processes, as well as for the individual. Each person understands spirituality differently. Some people think that spirituality - a man of high moral quality, harmony and spiritual purity, others consider culture and good manners, and associate it with the church. Spirituality includes the priorities and values of ideological character. This desire to devote his life to the good of their country, its history, the idea of human ideals, his place in society, love of family and friends, to the traditions and customs of their people to achieve their goals.
Keywords:  language, spirit, epistemology, rough sense, morality.