Language as a Mass consiousness in the ancient peoples

Language as a Mass consiousness
in the ancient peoples.

By: Koester, Isabel K.

Univ. N  Carolina, Greensboro, NC 27412 USA

DOI: 44.64.CB/0011/36
Policy scope includes institutional and non - spiritual and moral sphere. This includes political consciousness, political culture, political mentality of political ideologies. The basis of the spiritual and moral sphere yavlyaetsyapoliticheskoe consciousness, which is the individualized human perception of the world of politics. In the event that different ideas, attitudes, beliefs and shared recognized by other members of the community they are subject to some degree of consensus and acquire the status of "social facts" by Emile Durkheim terminology. They determine that what people believe this community, with what are considered to be, what they think, how and what is judged. In this case, the idea of the subjective individual becomes common that unites people who appear conscious willingness to defend the idea as their own. In this case we can not speak of individualized consciousness, and the public or group conscience, without keeping in mind that a society or group - is the thinking subject.
Keywords:language, Mass consciousness, ancient people