Formation and development of the legislative basis of the state information policy

By: Khalid Niyazov
Institute of the Law and Human Rights of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan
doi: 10.33909/cb/94.2018.03.45 
CLASSICAL BULLETIN Volume: 94 Issue: 4 
Pages: 74-96 Published: DEC 2018
Azerbaijan has undertaken complex measures to ensure mass media, freedom of speech, information, freedom of speech, and individual in the past 25 years, as a country that has chosen a path of democratic, legal, secular state building. These events are continuing in the present day too and information - international experience is deeply studied to form an open society, and national legislation is adequately upgraded to the demands of the new era. The state, as the main provider of information freedom, determines the legal regime of information, the rules of access to information, the rules of access to information and the rules for the freedom of information as a whole with the help of legal regulation. At the same time, it imposes legal remedies to prevent the exercise of this freedom. After the restoration of state independence in Azerbaijan, a new stage in the development of mass media, which is an essential attribute of civil society and the rule of law, has been laid. The fact that our country holds one of the leading places in the CIS for the dynamics of freedom of speech and press in the last 25 years is conditioned by these facts. The development history of the Azerbaijani press has passed a long and complicated way. Generally speaking, although the history of the press as its public institution is not as old as history, it is gratifying that the history of the Azerbaijani press is one of the first in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
Key words:   state information policy, information law, freedom of thought, speech and press, information space, information security, information society.