'The moral economy of the English crowd in the eighteenth century'

By: Caroline Walker Bynum
Historical cultural Department of London Univ., UK
doi: 10.33909/cb/94.2018.04.46 
CLASSICAL BULLETIN Volume: 94 Issue: 4 
Pages: 97-108 Published: DEC 2018

Cultural history is not to be defined by a set of rules or a distinct subject matter. It is not just, what the English crowddenotes, a study of the activities within the sphere of 'high culture'; nor is it exclusively to be seen as an exercise in interpretation of symbolic acts and rituals of people in the past. Some observers have been frustrated with cultural history that seems at times to be the 'history of everything', not without reason. There is more than a grain of truth in the view that cultural history can be exercised in every field of activity: politics, economics, kinship, gender, religion and all their interlocking and overlapping domains.
Keywords: Moral economy, English crowd, workers