I study / my dream job – Testimonials

Classical Bulletin
Special Issue 2, 2018
doi: 10.33909/cb/94.2018.02.46
I study / my dream job – Testimonials

by Dyson Henry
Illinois University, USA
"I started English classes at the age of 9. The teacher was not particularly fun and friendly, but I did not care, I thought it was fantastic to be able to understand and speak another language!
I was so happy to have made this discovery that I wanted to share it with everyone, and the best way to pass on a language was for me to teach it. Since then, this desire to become a teacher has not left me.
My vocation having appeared so early, the choice of my studies was not very complicated. I was one of the lucky and lucky people who already knew where to go and how.
From high school, I knew that I was going to write a baccalaureate and that I would finish in English. Finally, I first went through a provincial preparatory class, before finishing with a degree in English.
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