The history of communication: From prehistory to the present day

Classical Bulletin
Special Issue 2, 2018
    doi: 10.33909/cb/94.2018.02.49
The history of communication: 
From prehistory to the present day
By: Humble Noreen
Univ St Thomas, St Paul, MN 55105 USA.

Indeed, at that time, men started to communicate thanks to the rock art.
The term rock art qualifies artistic manifestations on rocky supports. This form of art is the only cultural event that has continued for more than 3000 years without interruption.
For the realized ones, the prehistoric men had several techniques:
- Engraving, where the artists hammered the rock support with a hard stone.
- Painting: the artists used colored powders that came from crushed minerals. The painting allowed them to represent the manes, hairs and fur of animals.
Rock paintings could mark a territory of habitation or hunting.
Keywords: prehistory time, present day, communication