Volume 2015

Original Articles

Vol. 92, Contents ISSUE 1

Horace: A Life
By: Balwin, Barry
Pages: 13-28   

A Commentary on Propertius
By: Beasom, Patrick T.
Pages: 29-90   
Statius: Silvae
By: Bernstein, Neil W.
Pages: 91-92   
Ovid: Metamorphoses
By: Easton, Sean
Pages: 92-144   

A Most Dangerous Book: Tacitus's Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich
By: Edwards, Rebecca
Pages: 144-206   

Contents ISSUE 2
Ambrose and John Chrysostom Clerics between Desert and Empire
By: Kostoff, Steven
Pages: 206-228   

Playing the Farmer: Representations of Rural Life in Vergil's Georgics
By: Gardner, Hunter H.
Pages: 228-300   

Gnat" and Other Minor Poems of Virgil
By: Quarterone, L. N.
Pages: 301-325   

Classics and Comics
By: del Chrol, E.
Pages: 326-345   
The Religious History of the Roman Empire: Pagans, Jews, and Christians
By: Green, Carin M. C.
Pages: 346-356