Volume 2017

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Vol. 93, Contents - ISSUE 1

Emperor of Constances in the church history concentration of Konstantinopol
 / by Yaakov Talsabskiy
Pages: 6-10

Eisfora - military tax in peacetime (according to the treaties on the lease of
 public land in attica mid-iv century. bc. e.) / by  Enrique B. Brain
Pages: 11-17

Ethnocultural relations of China with the peoples of Central Asia
in antiquity and the middle ages / by Ivan .E. Ermolov
Pages: 18-28

The barbarian aspect" of the procopius uprising / by Devid W. Orlean
Pages: 29-37

The conscription in the late Roman Empire began IV according to the codes of  Theodosius and Justinian / by Ernest V. Buldoin
Pages: 38-45

The concept of war in the establishment of the "God's World" in France,
 the end of the X - the beginning of the XII century by Oliver V. Aurin
Pages: 46-54

On the eve of one internal strife to the interpretation of the First general chronicle
 of Spain  / by Synthia M. Schelmerdine
Pages: 55-62

The treaty of Troyes (1420): from the war external to the war internal and vice
 / by: Philip D.Souza
Pages: 63-70

"The  decrepit nobility" and "community": the burgundian lands
in the face of French aggression in 1477 / by Chrisopher S. Pelling
Pages: 71-78

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Original Articles
Contents - ISSUE 2

About the some mythes in the history of Europe. “Golden Rain and Early Modenr Drama”
By:  Julie Sanders,  p.5-22

The artistic formation of Jacobean Comedy
By; Alizon Brunning, p.23-39

London`s goldsmiths and a rich metaphoric possibilities
By: Danielle Mory, p.40-69

Verbal phraseological units with borrowing component in the language of “The book of Dede Korkut” epics
Sevinj Aliyeva, p. 70-80

Books Reviews, p. 81-111

German and Habsburg Jews during the Austrian – Hungarian Empire
by / Terry, Enrique Morgan

Discrimination requests regime and slight dispensations
by / Debra Boldwin Romanick
p. 22

Cultural diversity and re-evaluation of memories
by / Paul Armstrong
p. 53

Israelis and Palestininans to elaborate dreaming process
by / Stephen Ross
p. 69

Signs of Violence in Offenses against Charter and Mutual Relations
by / Nasir Javanshir, Husseinov
p. 88